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Inspired 20/20 Vision in 2020



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December 5th at 1 pm (ET)

For too many of us, we don’t own the day – the day owns us!

Are you looking forward to 2020? Are you and your team preparing for new directions and the challenges that come with it? Is there, already, some anxiety as you envision 2020?

Developing clear, 20/20 vision is imperative. We must be clear. We must be focused. And in order to execute, we must Inspire!



Join RightPath Resources for our free webinar on December 5th at 1pm ET: Inspired 20/20 Vision in 2020. Here’s a peek at what to expect: 

  • Learn the components of an ‘Inspired’ culture framework

  • Hear how resources from RightPath have been leveraged in champion organizations

  • Discover implementation strategies to achieve an Inspired 2020 Vision

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